Why Lebron James is the Real MVP!!!

Anyone with 2 eyes and half a brain knows that the MVP of the NBA belongs to Lebron James.

Look around the league and tell me what you see? A lot of little boys and only 1 king. Basketball is business and business is key. Being the best in your profession requires you to be the best you can be.

Understand from a boy grew a man, and he set a standard so those who followed could & can. When a child is pre-ordained to be a champion, that child is felt throughout the land. From earth he is born. From fire he is built.

Lebron James accepted the challenge of being the face of the NBA, and since day 1 has owned that responsibility.

The NBA is like the hood. Everyone knows boys will be boys and OG’s will never leave like the Wood. Lebron as a child knew basketball was his toy. God blessed him with abilities to challenge grown men while he was still just a boy. OG’s around the league peeped game and respect was earned. The last OG to pass the torch was the brightest flame the NBA had to burn.

From that day it was clear that OG’s would no longer run the game. A throne had been claimed and a king was declared. Lebron James had to learn basketball and business were 1 in the same. Being the champion of the league also meant being ruler of the coin. Sports are like politics. It’s all 1 big game. Lebron accepted his responsibility and showed the trails and tribulations of a kid becoming a king.

Fast forward to now and tell me how many OG’s are left to challenge a Kingdom. How many young stars look up in aw of the best, and can only dream. Not everyone wants to be like Mike, but everyone has thought about being a king.

So until Lebron “KING” James is dethroned the MVP should always remain in its proper seat. And let this be a lesson for all who question.

You can not take what you did not claim, because claim is for keeps.

Tyrone Nation Jr



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