It’s Not Trumps Fault!!!

Donald Trump never cared about being the President of the United States. Donald Trump only cared about the power of the position.

It’s not Trumps Fault:

_America is divided.

_People choose politics over common sense.

_Blacks & Whites can’t bury the past in order to build a future.

_Global warming isn’t a major concern to americans.

_White men make being rich look dirty.

_Police militarize the public.

_Russia is the fam…( they been friends).

_Fox News rides for the right red party.

_He turned a hoe into a house wife…(apologies) First Lady.

_He’s bat shit crazy, but voters thought he was cool.

It’s not Donald Trumps fault that Donald Trump is president, it’s ours. Our system elected him, our rules protected him, our government shields him, and our country reflects him.

So how do we solve the problem?

_We learn

_We reset

_We correct

_We do better while the future still gives us time to do so

Tyrone Nation Jr

T.T.E.M.G – Nation News Network Blog


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